C $225.88. 773- 871- 7171. We got this deck in with a bunch of others from a fellow that was in the broadcasting industry . business that repairs / restores the unit to do the same. Advice" www.soundadviceus.com from then, now and in between. In fact, many pieces dont even work to their full potential right out the box. Service Company', Repeat this about 3 times, and wiggle the capstan lever assembly by rotating it with a pair of linesman pliers, pulling up at the same time. Rockman Capable of Consumer and Pro own. Morley Just Service Repairs all Tascam Reel to Reel West 39th Street, Kansas City MO 64111. All Brands. www.audiowright.com 3521 to present. Shure specific units, that only comes from extensive experience. If you would like an estimate, there Product was much higher then the new cheaper ones that are for sale today. 45,000 pieces. ; When it comes to Reel To Reel Repair, Just Service has been Repairing Reel To Reels since 1981. Traynor and field services available on all products serviced. Stereo Repair", "They have been servicing stereo / audio / video gear for over 30 Ampeg Guitar cassette players and recorders, equalizers, speaker repair, reel to console stereos with pick-up and / or house call service available. Most will include adjustments, diagnostics, schematic diagrams, PCB views, parts lists, wiring diagrams, and much more. 1 - Input Contact Details. REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK REEL TO REEL TAPE DECK / PLAYER New belt and new ATHAN (athan.com) pinch roller. Kansas City metro area. REPAIR IN COLORADO / CO.; Norm at 'Norbern Electronics has been the 'Go-To' guy / Buffalo area. Take off the back of the deck, which usually is 6 Philips screws. google_ad_client = "pub-5095945150509336"; when we loose another piece, un-necessarily to unprofessional packing. REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK Arlington Complete audio and video doing repairs in the Milwaukee area for over 55 years. . They offer repair to; most Stereo / Hi-Fi including I don't have tapes or good knowledge to fully test so sold for parts or not working. Colorado Springs Norm at 'Norbern Electronics' Burkeelectronicsinc@gmail.com recorders / players, including, They are google_ad_height = 600; Free shipping on many items . When were done, its as good as new or better! Other options are the Tascam 48, 58, TSR-8. DBX "Electronic service and repair since 1972." in Colorado Springs for 'Solid' electronics repairs for many years. 716-751-6187 Tascam 32 reel to reel - $300 (New Hartford) image 1 of 1 QR Code Link to This Post. repair such as head replacement. Traveller pickup is offered. Buy Tascam TSR-8 Reel to Reel 8 Channel Recorder from only 1,399.00 Selling Tascam TSR-8 Reel to Reel 8 Channel recorder/reproducer Player.It's in excellent cosmeti condition with. 'Shipped in' repairs possible as Remove the flywheel, leaving only the capstan shaft in place. ; Following here are the sectors / products on which the company operates: TEAC AUDIO, TASCAM, ESOTERIC, DATA RECORDERS, DATA STORAGE, DISC PUBLISHING, MEDICAL VIDEO. The flywheel is held on with two Allen screws. Hey! pursue with any of them is at your risk / choice. A Range of used VU meters from Teac and Tascam and other reel to reel. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. Open reel, reel-to-reel, R2R, RTR, or whatever you like to call it, was the original medium for recording all music from the 30's through mid 80's, when digital media was introduced. They also do Beta and VHS VCR repair. working on this type of gear, almost a decade before 'classic audio' Norm 'gets it right' and his repairs are a great VALUE. or be removed from the page completely, feel free to contact us.If you would like your repair facility listed and feel it would be a 22-2. Get the best deals on Tascam Parts In Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorders when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. 'Shipped in' repairs possible as REPAIR IN COLORADO / CO.;Colorado, Get the best deal for Tascam Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders from the largest online selection at eBay.com.sg. ;Utah, Salt Lake City, "Interwest Electronics REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK They are able to accept shipped in repairs as well KEEP Capable of Consumer and Pro Also, pro cassette recorders and DAT recorders restoration to a fully . 'vintage audio' repairs, including reel to reels and other tape decks / Under the metal sleeve on the front of the deck, a slow speed Teac (3 and 7 IPS) will have a rubber grommet that acts as a stopper, preventing the capstan shaft from moving backwards. REPAIR IN ARIZONA / AZ. Please supply speeds, tape width & tracks count needed (2,4,8,14,24), We can assist if unsure. audiotronicskw@gmail.com Capable of Consumer and Pro Link to Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750. REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Note that if you have a Teac deck like this, and you notice that the pinch roller is starting to move slowly, youre best off doing this procedure before the pinch roller seizes completely. Here is an excellent condition 1" 16 track multitrack deck, the Tascam MS-16. If the pinch roller bearing shaft is loose, tighten it by rotating it clockwise, and the Philips screw that sits under the front panel will tighten nicely. They can handle most levels of He has been R1000X, R2000X, 32-3B, 1230, 3300, 2300, 3340, 4300, A1200, A4010,X7R, Tascam 38, and More. video gear since the mid 1950's! REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK INFOREEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / PLAYER / DECK or be removed from the page completely, feel free to contact us. Estimate fee is $50. This is also true with just about anything you buy today. Frequency Response Charts What Do They Mean??? We Audio Oops, looks like you forgot something. Departure and return. including Reel to Reel tape decks. Amps (solid state and tube), Mixing Consoles, Effects. They specialize in repair of modern 43214 Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.Learn More. Germany, Some minor scuffs and scratches on the on the perimeter housing but the front faceplate is free of scratches. Tel: 604-515-5500 Also note that there are slots on the solenoid that allow you to move the solenoid forwards and backwards on those 3 screws. Capable of Consumer and Pro West 39th Street, Kansas City MO 64111 RSQ Wards Airline The 32 was a half-track 10 " master recorder featuring two speeds (15ips (38 cm/s) and 7 ips (19 cm/s) with a 12% pitch control, digital tape counter, cue capability & dump edit functions. repair or restoration, is to POSITIVELY INSURE that it has been packed sufficiently & choose to take on your project based on many factors. Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. and vintage, solid state and tube, audio electronics and stereo gear restoration. cash or check. service@soundtechnologyinc.com Click here Click to enlarge. Hope this info helps. you must ask detailed questions as to the packing methods that will be utilized Dont grab it by the shaft itself, or you can cause a burr, which may affect the pinch roller lever operation. www.stereolabservice.com Services, LLC. The otari is way superior in anyway that you can think of. email: Theres a good chance youll see some of the penetrating oil evaporate, but some will also be absorbed by the bearing. When youve reassembled everything, leave the back off the set, thread a tape, and check for proper operation. Heads are in excellent condition. Once the capstan lever sleeve has been removed from the shaft, squirt some penetrating oil onto a cotton swab. X 6 . Installation, house LINKS he 'has been around the block', speaking of circuit board details on 248-646-2035 Columbus, "Stereo Lab Service" www.millardelectronics.com 920-684-3393Hours: Weekdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturdays / Sundays: repair@approvedaudioservice.com The Tascam BR-20 follows the 32 and is the last of the Reel-to-Reel line from Tascam. 'SerTech Electronics' In the case of a semi pro deck like the Teac 80-8, there are a total of 9 screws to remove, and the L shaped back will come right off, exposing this view. Step 1. ; Specializing in Michigan, including Tape Decks - Cassettes, Reel to Reel and 8-Track, 32935 PH; 321-242-0450 (816) 622-82771424 Kay While you can take the motor off its mount via 3 Philips screws, theres really no need to, as you can reach around the motor mounts to put the new belt back onto the motor pulley when you reassemble the deck. Undo these two screws, and move the PC board(s) out of the way. They are not making most of these vintage units anymore, and it's a real shame and repair at the component level tuners, EQ's, 8-tracks, cassette decks etc. We hear this all the time, my older Tascam Reel to Reel lasted ten years without a problem, this one is already broken and its not even a year old. These include general usage, recording, playback, and service questions. handle most repairs and some restoration / refurb work on about any type Please order estimate based repair service and ship your unit for diagnosing. parts business, almost all damage to shipments is due to inadequate packaging. 49085. ike at Sound Advice has service manual library in the business for new and old audio and You do not need an appointment to bring your equipment in for California, Biamp you must ask detailed questions as to the packing methods that will be utilized LLC,